Better Demo Gallery

Here are some examples of Better Demos. The Context notes below each one describe what makes them  relevant to the viewer's needs. This is what differentiates them from generic demos with no relevance.

Trade Show Video

Context: It's not easy to attract and hold attention at a trade show. video needs to be visually arresting, while still staying on-message. This hand animation attracted attendees and kept their eyes on the screen. Click here to watch all four videos in the series.

Technology Explainer Video

This explainer video described a product that did not exist! Created as part of a market research project, the goal was to verify the feature set and value proposition with customers. project was a big success-customers were able to relate to the video far better than to the simple illustrations used previously. If you want to validate your high-tech product plans with customers, check out our friends at

Online Demo Video

Context: Prospects shown this video had indicated that their biggest Hot Button was time. The first minute of this online demo graphically explores the time problem with a timeline animation, before the demo starts. If they had a different Hot Button, they were shown a different demo video.

Online Opening Demo

Context: When there is unrealized pain, it is often useful to explore the on the symptoms of that pain to see what resonates with the prospect. This video explores the problems that can occur when making unwarranted assumptions, then walks viewers through several common Hot Buttons. If a customer has pain in this area, they should recognize it during the video.

Customer Testimonial Video

Context: Three customers on two continents agreed to do testimonials. We couldn't give them a script, we just had to tape them for 20 minutes each and extract something useful in the studio. We then edited down each customer's testimonial to focus on just the Hot Buttons that get the most attention. 

Webinar Video

Context: This is an excerpt from a webinar about a software product for integrated circuit designers. The highly technical material is presented in as a lively interchange between host and featured speaker, so attendees do not know they are watching a video. Think of this as a highly-optimized Opening Demo that marches deliberately through a list of customer Hot Buttons. Used for eight webinars, this video always stimulated an active Q&A session that lasted as long as 30 minutes, proving that the approach captures and keeps viewer attention.

Technical Teaser Video

Some technical problems are so hard to solve, nobody realizes that a commercial solution is available. The best solution in this case is often to discuss the problem and the parameters of the right solution. If customers agree, they will want more information. This video explores a problem space from multiple angles, using the customer's language.

The Master at Work-Steve Jobs Introduces the iPhone

Context: Whatever your opinion of Apple products, you have to admit that Steve Jobs was the consumate showman. Steve's audience at the iPhone introduction in 2007 was Apple Fanboys, so almost anything he could have said would have been well received. Watch how he hits the Hot Buttons of smartphone users and positions against the competition near the end of this clip. 

No Words Required

’nuf said.