Better Demo Services

Online Demo Videos & Live Webinars

Many companies are taking advantage of the internet to deliver Opening Demos. Done right, these videos can drive inquiries to to your sales team. You can see some samples in the Better Demo Gallery. If you'd like help creating a demo like this, contact us. 

Better Demo Intensive Workshop (two days)

Creating the tools and training your staff to deliver Better Demos may seem intimidating. While it is a lot of work, you can make the transition. If you need some help to get there faster, please contact us for information about an on-site, two-day Better Demo intensive workshop. Working with your demo team, we'll completely revamp your demo capabilities in 48 hours.

  • Day One: Training in Better Demo techniques. Everybody gives demos.
  • Day Two: Together we'll develop a new Better Demo for your company.
  • Monthly update webinars for a full year
  • Unlimited support calls for a full year

Our Better Guarantee:

We have a unique guarantee for the Better Demo Intensive Workshop. Together we'll select a member of your company's executive team to act as Judge. At the start of day one, your team will give the Judge your existing demo. At the end of day two, they'll give the Judge a Better Demo. If the Judge doesn't agree that the Better Demo fundamentally transformed and improved your team's ability to demonstrate your product, you don't have to pay for the workshop. 

The Fine Print:

We always get paid for the workshop. Contact us today!