An Abundance of Hot Buttons

Picture this: the customer sends a five-person evaluation team, representing many departments. When you probe to understand their Hot Buttons, each person gives you so many that you run out of room on the white board to write them all down. How do you structure the demo?

Typically in situations like these, the lists of “requirements” will include both important issues, like “Must import historical payroll data,” as well as generalities and less important issues like “Low Cost” and “Easy to Set Up.” While the latter are of course important, nobody woke up this morning with a burning desire to get some low cost software. But they may have stayed up all night trying to get their current solution to import that historical payroll data.

So take the lead on the whiteboard, and start sorting their requirements into “Hot Buttons” and “Other Issues.” Then focus your demo on the Hot Buttons. If there are still too many, and they want to see them all, great! Break the Hot Buttons into several categories, and focus on Category 1. When you’re done, confirm that you have addressed everything in Category 1, then schedule another meeting to address the other categories. In reality, this will give your sales team time to ask the customer, “If we demonstrate answers to all of your categories of Hot Buttons, can we process your PO?” If the answer is not “yes,” then there are still some hidden issues you have yet to uncover.