Introducing the Better Demo

A Better Demo engages customers with specific answers to their Hot Buttons. Let’s break this down into its component parts: 

  • Hot Buttons: Good sales people know how to ask questions to identify the problems a customer is trying to solve. During a Better Demo, you confirm the customer's Hot Buttons, and help him rank them. Then you show him how your product solves each one. 

  • Specific Answers: No two Better Demos are the same. Each customer has specific problems, and deserves specific answers about how your product will solve those problems. Yes, this requires more preparation than a generic feature dump, but you will sell a lot more product this way!
  • Engagement: An engaged customer shares information during the demo, identifying his most important needs and confirming whether you have shown him the solution. 

If your company is still doing feature dumps, this may sound hard. But if your competition is demonstrating to specific customer requirements, then developing a Better Demo is no longer optional for you!