Rethinking the B2B Webinar


We've all attended the typical B2B webinar. They seem to follow a predictable outline: 

  • A host introduces the expert and his credentials
  • The expert flips through a slide presentation about the problem and solution
  • Someone performs a stock demo
  • The audience asks some questions and gets off-the-cuff answers

Maybe your company has delivered this webinar a few times. Maybe you even have a few of these recorded webinars available on your web site for customers to watch at their leisure. So where are all the sales?

There are a few flaws with most B2B webinars:

  • The dialog is all one-way, so you don't know anything about the audience's hot buttons
  • The agenda is static-even if you discovered a hot button, you wouldn't be able to do anything about it
  • The Q&A session is an afterthought-you do your best to answer questions, and maybe even have some slides ready for common questions, but it's a "poor sister" to the rest of the session

What can you do? Let's apply some Better Demo principles: First, bring Q&A to from the end to the beginning, as agenda item #1. Something like this: 

Before we get started, please use the poll feature to answer this question: What is your biggest issue in (topic)... Everybody please comment so we can make sure to address your issues... OK, it looks like most of you are concerned with (performance), followed closely by (quality)...

Will this open the door for a wide range of customer requests? Yes. Will this be harder to handle than just delivering the same old demo? Of course. But think of it this way-before you show your first brilliant PowerPoint slide, you already have a list of specific hot buttons from each attendee. If you address these in your presentation, your webinar audience will be a whole lot less likely to start reading email after 5 minutes.

If you want some help creating a webinar presentation and demo that can handle those different requests, give us a call. We can show you how. Click here to to see one good example.

(P.S. Remove the old recorded webinars from your web site-they are not making the phone ring. In fact, they are probably causing otherwise interested sales prospects to not call you. Call and we'll tell you why.)