The Trade Show Demo

(One of the Four Types of Demo)


The Better Demo is all about addressing individual requirements. How do you do that during a trade show demo to 20 people from different companies...all at once?

The first way is easy: find common ground. Ask the crowd, "I need a quick show of hands: are you more concerned with the lifetime cost of these products, or getting the run time as short as possible?" Then tell your story based on that choice. Base the question on real issues your customers are concerned about-you probably know a list of five problems that cover most prospect's concerns. Prepare good questions to drive the group's answers to one those five Hot Buttons that you are prepared to answer with short demos.

If the crowd raises their hands for "time," get to the point quickly by saying, "A lot of companies are looking for ways to minimize run time, in order to reduce  staffing costs and compute costs. Let's take a look at how Acme can cut your run time by a factor of ten. " After that eight-second introduction, launch straight into a demo of the Acme solution. Within a minute or two, you'll be ready to poll for another problem and repeat the process.

What if you could find the one or two attendees out of each group who have a real problem that your product can solve? It can be done, but it takes much more preparation. You need to establish credibility in the first couple of minutes, then motivate the best prospects to identify themselves. This is a great way to leave the show with a short list of the best prospects. We can show your team how to do this − contact us to talk about it