The VIP Demo

(One of the Four Types of Demo)


A VIP Demo is a demo to someone important who is not actually going to be directly involved with using or supporting your product. The VIP may be a senior customer  executive, a potential investor or banker, the Minister of Commerce... you get the idea. You need to give these people a positive impression of your company, but your detailed product features are unlikely to interest them. They may not even know the specifics about why their team is evaluating your product.

So what do you show? A better question is, how do you create context for showing something meaningful, that the VIP will understand and remember? Here's a technique that usually works: 

First, create context. "In our conversations with your team at Acme, they told us that their biggest problem in building your Acme Zyx product is... Here's the solution that we've come up with together." Next show three things:

  1. Start with a photo or diagram the VIP will recognize, such as their product or their process.
  2. Show a brief demo of the benefits your product in the context of their problem. Skip the details, no matter how much the evaluation team loved them.
  3. Finish with the outcome, typically faster, better and/or cheaper. If you can show the result on dashboard or summary screen customized for the VIP's company, even better.

For step 3, state something like, "Your team is projecting a nine-month ROI, based on an initial 4% lift on gross margins, growing to 5% by year two." If you need any help getting your customer to make these estimates (and give you the data!), please contact us.

What if the VIP is actually a technologist with a deep interest in how your technology will work at her company? This situation is more like a Closing Demo.