What is a Better Demo?

The concept of a Better Demo was born from the fact that every sales prospect has different requirements, because of differences in their own products and internal processes. Smart vendors lead each customer through an individualized sales process that focuses on the customer’s unique needs. A big part of that individualized sales process is a unique demo tailored to those unique requirements. We call this a “Better Demo.”

Every Prospect Has Different Requirements

Think about it this way: if every one of your sales prospects ran their businesses the exact same way, and had the same people, skills and technology, would they all have exactly the same requirements? Perhaps. But in reality even companies competing head to head in the same industry use different internal processes and techniques. When they evaluate your product, they are likely to describe different requirements.

Example: Microsoft Excel

Millions of people in every type of business use Excel in their work. Imagine what would happen if you asked 10 Excel gurus how to build a Sales Summary spreadsheet. You are likely to get six, eight or perhaps even ten different solutions. Some users would input and report all sales data on a single sheet, others would create separate input and report sheets, and one may even create a stand-alone app for data analysis. 

                                                       Different people look at the problem in different ways

                                                       Different people look at the problem in different ways

If it was your job to sell Excel to those ten users, what would happen if you showed them each the same 30-minute demo? Here’s the likely result: 

  • Half of your audience will show some interest, asking uestions about your fun features. They may pick things apart endlessly, just to show how much they know.
  • Half lose interest after 10 minutes, because that’s as long as they can pay attention. Some doze off.
  • he guy who wants to create a stand-alone app goes away completely disappointed because you didn’t have time to show specialized capabilities in your generic demo.

What is the likelihood that ou hit everyone’s Hot Buttons with your generic demo? Pretty low, especially for the folks with the 10 minute attention spans.


The Fundamental Concept: Every Demo Must be Different

There is a better way. Show each sales prospect a unique demo, focused on solving their unique requirements. Does that sound hard? It is harder than showing a generic demo to everyone, but the benefits make it worthwhile

Here’s how a Better Demo works:

  • You start every demo with a quick review of the customer’s Hot Buttons: the functionality and requirements that matter to them.
  • You focus your demo on those hot buttons. Some demos last as little as five or ten minutes, while others last an hour or more, depending on on how long it takes you to show how your product handles their Hot Buttons.
  • During the demo, you engage your customer with the product, and have them describe how they would use your specific capabilities to handle their Hot Buttons.

How To Judge Your Demo

Judging a Better Demo is easy. When you are finished, ask the customer, “Your first Hot Button was... How will our product handle that for you?” Repeat for each hot button. If the customer can answer each question, you have made the benefits of your product very clear and real in his mind. Your Better Demo was a success!